Salt Meter

Description :

Salt Meter also been called as Salinity Tester or Salinity meter, it’s the device that measure the value of Salinity in liquid, which had been widely used in the Water Quality Testing applications.

specification :

Salinity range               0.00~10.00ppt(NaCl)


Salinity accuracy          +/-1%F.S+/-1digit


Salinity resolution        0.01


Temp. range                  0~50.0 C

Temp. accuracy             +/-0.5 C

Temp. resolution            0.1

TDS factor: Built-in NaCl conductivity to TDS conversion factor

LCD size                       30(H)x18(W)mm

Sensor life time           >6 months (with good) maintenance

Dimension                   165(L)x35(W)x32(H)mm

Weight                         115g

Battery                          LR44 x 4pcs

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