Crude Oil Testing Centrifuge

  • بررسی و خرید
  • Description :

    It is designed for water and deposit determining in crude oil. It meets the requirements of standard, and makes use of centrifugal separation to determine the water and deposit in crude oil. It is ideal equipment for moisture determining in oil exploration and researching institute.

    1. LED display (by user's choice) which to show rotor No., speed, time, temperature, RCF, Acc and Dec curve, and trouble information/error code.
    2. Circular heater for fast heating and temperature uniformity realizes the functions of temperature controlling and temperature holding, which meet the requirements for oil industry.
    3. Frequency-conversion motor with high torque is characterized by stable and fast Acc and Dec as well as long service life, maintenance free, low noise for stable operation.
    4. The tube is manufactured by special process, which won't be broken so easily during operation is widely used in Daqing Oilfield.
    5. Self-diagnosis system can automatically detect the faults of over speed, over temperature, imbalance and door lid interlock, and display the error code on the display screen to improve safety performance.
    6. Simple operation Microprocessor control and touch panel, the speed, RCF, temperature, time and Acc/Dec curve can be set freely. The parameters can be revised during a run for convenient use.

    specification :



    Max. speed


    No.1 swing rotor


    No.2 swing rotor


    No.3 swing rotor


    Max. RCF


    Temperature setting range

    Room temperature+10 degrees - 70 degrees

    Time setting range

    0 - 99min

    Noise level






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