Fully automatic open flash point tester

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  • Description :

    The product is designed and manufactured according to GB/T3536 standard. Advanced technology, simple operation, accurate test, good repeatability, high technology content is an ideal substitute for imported products.

    1. Use color LCD widescreen display, all English man-machine dialogue interface, touch keyboard, can preset the value of the temperature, sample label, atmospheric pressure, test date and other parameters with a prompt menu prompt input;

    2. Real-time tracking shows the heating rate and test time function curve;

    3. With English operation, software failure tips, test date, test time and other parameters prompt function

    4. Instrument can store 120 sets of historical data;

    5. Automatically correct the impact of atmospheric pressure on the test and calculate the correction value;

    6. Differential detection, automatic correction of system deviation;

    7. Scan, ignition, detection, and print data automatically completed without human intervention;

    8. Tilt up and down, the test arm automatically rises and falls;

    9. Forced air cooling.

    specification :

    Technical Parameters

    Range: room temperature -400 ℃, resolution: 0.1 ℃

    Repeatability: ≤4 ℃, reproducibility: ≤8 ℃

    Display: color wide screen, detection mode: automatic test

     Data output: printout, ignition: gas flame

    Communication: 232 standard interfaces

    Power supply voltage: AC220V, the output power: 500W

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