X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

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  • Description :

    DXRF-ED36 X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer is an all-in-one XRF capable of virtually any elemental application. DXRF-ED36 comes standard with best in class UHRD or SDD detector and advanced vacuum system and can be used for multiple testing types including Mineral, Alloy, RoHS, Plating Thickness and custom applications.


    • High-performance electronic cooling UHRD detector or Silicon Drift SDD Detector- Application specific
    • Automatic collimators and filters
    • Built-in SNE (Signal to Noise Enhancer)
    • Intelligent RoHS analytical software
    • Multiple Software options
    • Advanced Vacuum System
    • Excellent light elements identification- Al, Cl, Br

    Software Options

    • Full-elemental analysis- Na-U
    • RoHS/WEEE Analysis
    • Mineral Analysis
    • Alloy Analysis
    • Plating Thickness
    • Custom calibrations for virtually any application

    Standard Configuration

    • Efficient super-thin window x-ray light tube
    • High-performance electronic cooling UHRD detector
    • Signal-to-Noise Enhancer(SNE)
    • CMOS HD camera
    • Automatic Collimators and filters
    • Triple X-Ray protection
    • Vacuum Pump

    specification :

    Technical Parameters

    Power: 200W

    Voltage input: AC 220V (Optional: 110V)

    Ambient humidity: 35%-70%

    Instrument dimension: 660mmx510mmx350mm

    Ambient temperature: 15°C-30°C

    Sample chamber size: 320mmx100mm

    Weight: 65K


    Measurable range: Na to U

    Analytical range: ppm-99.99%

    Simultaneous analysis: 20 plus elements

    Precision: 0.05% (content 96% T )

    Testing time: 60s-200s

    Resolution: (140±5)eV

    Tube voltage: 5KV-50KV

    Tube current: 50 uA-1000 11 A

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