Distillation tester for petroleum products

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  • Description :

    DOD-1005A Distillation tester for petroleum products is the newest design of the distillation testers. It conforms to GB/T 6536 & ASTM D86 standard. It is suitable for testing petroleum products distillation.

    specification :

    1. Heating is by quartz tube electrical furnace, which has high anti-oxidation thermal efficiency.
    2. Heater adopts erector to up and down easily.
    3. Bath is made of stainless steel, single tube.
    4. The instrument adopts solid state voltage regulator to change temperature, stepless voltage regulation.

    Technical parameters 
    1. Rated voltage: AC220V±10% 50Hz
    2. Heating power: 0~1000W  (Continuously adjustable)
    3. Bath temperature range: Room temperature~60°C
    4. Precision of temperature control: ±0.5°C
    5. Regulating mode: Solid state voltage regulator (stepless)
    6. Stirring method: Motor stirrer
    7. Electric furnace body rising and falling: Manual control
    8. Flask: 125ml
    9. Graduated cylinder: 100ml
    10. Ambient requirement: Temperature 20~30°C; Humidity≤85%

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