About Us

American Quality Control Group (AQCG Global) was founded in 1968 and it was designed to regulate research& manufacturing for high accuracy in measurement for Water & waste water, refineries, food & beverage industrial and all other laboratory machines & consumption. Since 1998 Dintok(Gmbh) as one independent company was specialized in Water & waste water for detection of water elements, from a normal business to one of the largest instrumentation manufacturer & supplier worldwide proves the outstanding growth for more many decades.Dintok has experienced rampant growth & success a wide ranges of water quality meters and Dintok has obtained many years of experience in production for the past three decade, our instrument have served as valuable tools and devices for laboratories throughout the world. Nowadays,Dintok instruments has become one of the excellent supplier to more than 25 countries such as Canada, Belgium, Italy, USA, Japan and France and many other EU countries.

Our Product includes BOD, COD, Photometer, pH meter, Turbidimeter, Conductivity meter, Thermometer, Chloride meter & so on.

Dintok engineers are a subsidiary to specialized technology-based instrumentation and quality control devices.

Guaranty and Warranty make distinguishing factor on the service aspect for manufacturers. Dintok is dedicated to the customers for better high quality services.

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