General Purpose pH Meter

Description :

The ST551 General purpose pH meter pH is a high quality durable bench instrument ,also been called as Digital pH meter or pH Tester, it’s the device that do pH measurement for liquid. ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) Meter, also been called as Digital ORP Meter or ORP tester, it’s the device that do ORP measurement for liquid, both of them had been widely used in the Water Quality Testing applications.

The ST551 is ideally suited to busy laboratories and routine operations. Changes in temperature are catered for with the Automatic Temperature compensation function (ATC). The battery option (9V) provides flexibility and manual calibration controls enable the use of any buffer solutions for 5 point calibrations.

Any combination pH electrode with a BNC connector is compatible with the ST551 pH meter whilst use of a pH half-cell and separate reference electrode is made possible by the single 4mm Reference electrode socket.

pH/ORP meters features:

Multi Display pH / mV, with Temp. & real time stamped

Collect data via RS232 by linking with PC

Up to 1999mV measurement range

Automatic buffer recognition to avoid errors during calibration

Maximum 5 points calibration

Hold record function

Durable electrode holder for left & right side placement

Auto or manual temperature compensation

Auto ranging or manual ranging


specification :

pH range


pH accuracy


pH resolution


mV range


mV accuracy

+/-0.2mV(-199.9˜199.9mV) or +/-2mV(others)

mV resolution

+/-0.1mV(-199.9˜199.9mV) or +/-1mV(others)

Temp. range


Temp. accuracy


Temp. resolution


Compatible probe            


LCD size (mm)


Operating temp. & RH%

0˜50°c, Humidity<80%

Storage temp. &RH%

-20˜60°c. Humidity <90%

Dimension (mm)





9V adaptor

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