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  • Description :

    The St P111 is a non glass pocket pH meter providing the accuracy of a standard bench meter but with absolute flexibility to measure almost any sample. It is particularly useful for the measurement of semi solids such as cheese and many other food products.

    The solid state ISFET (Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) can be easily cleaned after measurement with a soft brush. The Reference electrode has a high volume reservoir for long life and is readily replaceable.

    The rugged modular design provides reliable pH analysis in applications where glass electrodes are not an option. Calibration is possible using 1, 2 points with as little as 1 drop of buffer solution. Temperature compensation (ATC), Automatic buffer recognition and stability indicators make the Smart St P111 extremely simple to operate.

    Features include a clear LCD display of both pH and Temperature in a Waterproof , IP67 rated case. The On Chip Sensor is placed within 5mm of the Reference junction making it possible to measure samples as small as one drop.

    Response times are in seconds with built in Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) and Automatic Buffer Recognition for easy calibration. Product fits comfortably into the pocket with a pocket clip for security.

    Battery life is an impressive 150 hours with Auto Power Off when you forget!.

    Comes complete with carry case, pH7 and pH4 buffer solution, protective cap and battery.



    specification :


    Battery Life

    150 Hours (approx.)

    Body type

    Plastic sealed body. Waterproof to IP67.


    142x28x15mm (lwh)


    Clear Backlit LCD

    Reference Type

    Replaceable Ag/AgCl sat with KCL. Ceramic Junction.




    pH accuracy

    +/- 0.02pH Units

    pH range


    Temperature Accuracy

    +/- 1.0 degrees C

    Temperature range

    0-40 degrees C

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