Air Sampler

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    the Single Split ISO 100 and Single Split ISO 180 have been specifically designed for pharmaceutical and hospital sectors. Portable and easily positioned, they operate with long life rechargeable batteries. Single Split ISO 100 and Single Split ISO 180 are differentiated by differences in constant airflow (100 l/min and 180 l/min respectively); this choice depends on the application and allows continuous or sequential sampling from a few minutes to several hours. Both models provide facilities for data management of different implemented sampling programmes. The data can be stored on the instrument itself or on any remote PC.

    • Design avoids turbulence in unidirectional airflow and reaspiration of tested air in accordance with ISO specifications
    • Fully compliant International Standards (ISO 14698 & USP 1116 Pharmacopeia)
    • Time-saving and low operating cost solutions
    • All manuals are available as USB key
    • Instruction manual available in 6 different languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese)

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