Air Release Value apparatus

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  • Description :

    Air release value apparatus conforms to the ASTM D3427 standard Test Method for Air Release Properties of Petroleum Oils. It is used to test the ability of turbine, hydraulic, and gear oils to separate entrained air. This apparatus measures the time for the entrained air content to fall to the relatively low value of 0.2% volume under a standardized set of test conditions and hence permits the comparison of the ability of oils to separate entrained air under conditions where a separation time is available. The significance of this test method has not been fully established. However, entrained air can cause sponginess and lack of sensitivity of the control of turbine and hydraulic systems. This test may not be suitable for ranking oils in applications where residence times are short and gas contents are high.

    specification :


    1. The apparatus adopts digital display temperature meter, control temperature with high accuracy.

    2. Digital timer alarm, easy to operate.

    3. The apparatus adopts the pressure regulator valve, pressure gauge displays.

    4. Decent and beautiful design.

    Technical parameters

    1. Rated voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz

    2. Power: 600W

    3. Temperature: Digital display temperature controller

    4. Temperature range: Room temperature ~ 100°C

    5. Control precision: ±0.1°C

    6. Temperature sensor: Pt100 (Platinum resistor)

    7. Cycle mode: Pump cycle

    8. Ambient requirement: Temperature 15~30°C, Humidity≤85%

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