Automatic closed flash point tester

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    This instrument is based on standard of ASTM D93 Standard Test Methods for Flash Point by Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Tester the requirements of the design and manufacture, the latest automatic closed flash point tester. The instrument is suitable for the standard method, the determination of flammable liquid, with suspended particles of liquid, under the test conditions tend to film the surface of the liquid and other liquid flash point, can be widely used in the oil industry and railway, aviation, electricity , Relevant universities and research institutes and other departments.

    specification :

    Technical Features

    1. According to the United States ASTM D93 standard design, in line with the GB/T 261 standard, to do A, B test, can also according to the standard of ASTM D93, do A, B, C test.

    2. With Germany original precision temperature sensors, 8 inches color LCD touch screen for instrument electric control, according to the core, realize the automatic heating, automatic test, automatic ignition, such as operation, excellent performance, reliable work.

    3. Instrument with atmospheric pressure sensor, according to the measurement of the atmospheric pressure on the determination results automatically corrected by the atmospheric pressure.

    4. Stepping motor is adopted to sample the stirring; speeds are stable, accurate and fully comply with ASTM D93 standards of mixing speed.

    5. Can save 200 experimental results, and can print the results through the micro-printer; self-developed communications software can upload the experimental data to the LIMS system - Sinopec laboratory information management system.

    6. The supply air source design has the total gas source gas supply control solenoid valve and two air supply regulating needle valve, can automatically open and close the total air supply valve to ensure the safety of gas, can adjust the ignition head air source and ignition head gas source, so that both have reached the best condition.

    7. Instrument with manual control functions, used to detect, simulated operation condition of the instrument functions, can timely find problems and troubleshooting.

    Technical Parameters

    1. Measuring range: 40~300℃

    2. Applicable standards: ASTM D93

    3. Temperature detection: High precision platinum resistance (Pt100)

    4. Flash point detection: Micro thermocouple

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