Engler Viscometer

Description :

The instrument is designed and made as per ASTM D 1665 “Test Methods for Engler Viscosity of Petroleum Products”. It is used to determine the ratio obtained by dividing the time of flow, in s, of 200 ml of material using an Engler viscometer at a selected temperature by a factor representing the time of flow, in s, for an equal volume of water at 20 °C. The ratio is the Engler viscosity of the sample. The instrument can make determination for 2 samples at the same time in the same temperature environment. It can also calculate the average value of these test results. It is the best instrument for Engler viscosity of petroleum products and bituminous materials determination.

specification :

Technical parameters

1. Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz

2. Standard water value: 51±1 s

3. Temperature range: 0~100°C

4. Temperature controlling accuracy: ±0.1°C

5. Graduated flask: 200±0.2ml (50±0.2ml for bituminous materials)

6. Inner container: Made by stainless steel

7. Timer: Max is 9999 s

8. Timing mode: timing by a LED

9. Heating power: 700 W

10. Ambient temperature: -10~+40°C

11. Relative humidity: ≤85%

12. Total power consumption: not more than 800 W

13. Dimensions (m): 0.63×0.49×0.76

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