Laser Particle Size Analyser

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  • Description :

    1. 3-D automatic focusing system controlled by computer automatically locates the focus of the lens and calibrates the background.
    2. Fully automatic Standard Operational Procedure (SOP): Water drain, cleaning and supply operate automatically controlled by computer. Operation is simplified to One-Click, one-spoon (add sample) and finish measurement.
    3. Layout of forward, lateral and backward detectors guarantees the effective capture of the scattered signal in order to widen the size range.
    4. Automatic circulating and dispersing system: Consists of centrifugal circulating pump, ultrasonic disperser, agitator, water supply and drain system and more. Every automatic operation controlled by computer lead to an automatic and intelligent particle size test.

    specification :

    1. Size Range: 0.1-750um
    2. Repeatability: <1%(Deviation of D50 in CRM)
    3. Accuracy: <1%(Deviation of D50 in CRM)
    4. Principle: Mie Scattering Theory
    5. Laser source: Import semi-conductor laser
    6. Operating System: Windows XP/ Window 7
    7. Connecting Port: RS232 or USB
    8. Photocell: Total84 PCS, forward 72, lateral 8, backward 4.
    9. Ultrasonic Power: 50W
    10. Tank Capacity: 500ml
    11. Circulating Flow Rate: 500-2500ml/min
    12. Agitator Speed: 500-2500rpm
    13. Voltage: 220V, 50/60Hz
    14. Outer dimension: 760× 300× 300mm

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