Polypropylene Filter

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    Polypropylene membranes exhibit broad chemical compatibility and utility in a wide range of applications. Our portfolio includes both a hydrophobic and hydrophilic version which allows the membranes to be used with both aqueous and organic samples.


    The hydrophobic polypropylene membrane is a pure polymer which results in high chemical stability and minimizes the concern over extractables. Additional features of the membrane include resistance to high temperatures and the ability to be autoclaved. Available in a 0.1 µm pore size, the hydrophobic polypropylene membrane is ideal for the filtration of aggressive solvents. Compared to PTFE membranes, this material is a more economical option for use in venting applications, which require the exchange of air and gas but cannot allow liquids to pass through the membrane.


    The hydrophilic nature and broad chemical compatibility of the membrane allows for the efficient filtration of both aqueous and organic solutions resulting in maximum versatility. When used in analytical sample preparation applications, the membrane will not yield extractables or add artifacts to the sample for analysis.  For biological samples, the hydrophilic polypropylene membrane gives high recoveries of critical proteinaceous samples and confers low, non-specific binding. In screening applications where membrane background interference is a concern, our hydrophilic polypropylene membrane yields extremely low levels of  autofluorescence.

    specification :

    Available Diameter: 13mm-400mm
    Pore Size: 0.1,  0.2,  0.45,  0.8µm

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