Automatic Colony Counter

Description :


CC3510A automatic colony counter is widely used in food, beverage quality and health inspection, the dairy industry, hospitals, cosmetics, microbiology laboratory testing among the pharmaceutical industry, etc., suitable for microbial colony counts and analysis, be able to complete all of the Colonies reading type, CC3510A user interface is simple and easy to use, is a modern microbiological testing laboratories advanced and efficient colony counter.



1. Can choose 3,5,10 million true color high-resolution CCD camera lens, according to demand and hardware to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the experimental data results.

2. Open-platform design makes operation more convenient and faster.

3. Its bottom LED light design can avoid colony image interference caused by external light shed on the open platform.

4. The user-friendly operating interface, simple, easy-to-use, laboratory personnel can quickly start to master the operation of experimental colony counting.

5. Quickly read the the number of colonies incubated by methods such as spread, spiral, coating, pour plate etc. , saving a lot of manpower and time thanks to the intelligent recognition technology. It can complete the counting of an ordinary plate within one second.

6. Adopt encrypted USB-key which guarantees data security and database management.

7. Record traceable, it automatically process data and store the image and retrieval recorded data is convenient.

8. Can distinguish eight different colors colony, enhancing accuracy;

9. Can manually add and delete the colonies, to correct the statistical results.

10. Can directly set the non-counting regions to remove area that not want to count, which facilitate accuracy.

specification :

Technical Parameters:




 Color high definition CCD

 CCD resolution (Pixels)

 3,000,000, 5,000,000, 8,000,000, 
 three sizes optional

 Counting software

Smart counter

 Colony size resolution


 Colony color recognition

 8 colors

 Applicable method

 Spread plate, pour plate, membrane filter, spiral plate

 Counting speed

 300,less than 3 seconds


 Long life dual LCD light source

 Working temperature



 ABS plastic

 Petri dish

 90mm and 55mm standard

 Host dimension




 Power supply

 AC110~220V , 50Hz



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