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    More and more motors in industries are getting driven by VVVF drives for accurate speed control. While accurate speed control results into better product quality end product and/or saving of energy, performance of motors with VVVF drives is considerably different than when they are fed directly by mains supply. Unless the motors have separate forced fan-cooling, reduced speeds requires that their outputs are re-rated to allow generated heat to be adequately dissipated. This is of particular importance when motors are running at very slow speeds but still requiring constant torques throughout the speed range. Further, unlike the mains supply, VVVF supply voltage is no sinusoidal and is often in the form chopped waveforms. This pulse Width Modulated (PWM) waveform has detrimental effects on motor torque capability as well as its thermal characteristics. This also calls for additional de-ration of its output. PWM chopped waveform also leads other motor issues such as:

    • Decreased Insulation life due to dv/dt effects as well as increased voltage levels at the motor terminals due to reflected waves

    • Increased noise levels – especially at low VVVF carrier frequencies

    • Reduced bearing life through Electric Discharge Machining

    (EDM) effects.

    • Motor over-heating due to harmonics in PWM waveform

    • Possibility of generating shaft currents As with most applications, proper investigation during project

    conceptualization, as well as prior to actual installation, often saves considerable time and money in solving some of the above mentioned issues. With vast experience of Toshiba engineers, cost effective

    and reliable Motor-Drive solutions can be ensured. Following information helps in selecting the most optimum solution:

    • Type of Load / Application (e.g. Conveyor/Fan/Pump/Mixer etc)

    • KW and Torque required in the required speed range

    • Supply Voltage and Frequency with their tolerances

    • Environmental Conditions (Temperature/Hazardous Area etc)

    • Cable length from VVVF to the motor

    specification :


    0.37kW to 355kW • 200volt to 1100volt


    • Frames are high grade cast iron,

    - Machined to close tolerance to ensure accurate alignment and fit in accordance with our high standards.

    - Exceptional corrosion resistance & high structural rigidity are inherent in Toshiba motor construction.

    • Steel fan covers are standard with cast iron option.

    • Sintered bronze drain plugs are fitted as standard for frames D160 and above. Available as an option on smaller frames.


    • Toshiba Premium Efficiency Motors comply with AS1359 and MEPS 2006 requirements.

    • Special motors to other Standards are also available eg NEMA, CENELEC or other national standards.


    • Premium-grade silicon steel and longer cores lower operating flux densities and losses achieving optimum efficiency.


    • Toshiba’s use of greater cross sectional area of copper lowers winding resistance and reduces losses giving improved efficiency.

    • All windings are insulated with non-hygroscopic materials, ensuring reliable motor operation in humid, corrosive and abrasive industrial environments.


    • Toshiba motors are insulated with class ‘F’ materials and feature excellent thermal reserve, offering low temperature rise characteristics generally below class ‘E’.

    • These characteristics allow optimal flexibility in regard to variable frequency drives, higher altitude and higher ambient applications, and are also forgiving to intermittent current overloads.


    • Cast iron terminal boxes are diagonally split, and have flanges and neoprene gaskets. Larger frames have oversized fabricated steel boxes.

    • All terminal boxes are fitted with removable gland plates, drilled and tapped to dimensions specified on pages 10-13. Blank or customized gland plates are available as an option.

    • Terminal boxes may be rotated 90º by four positions for conduit entry on frames smaller than D315.

    • Terminal boxes are mounted right hand side, viewed from drive end, and can be mounted on the opposite side if required on frames up to D225. On frames D250 and above, for non-standard terminal box positions contact Toshiba office at time of order.


    • Special attention to the fan and cowl design achieves quiet operation with efficient cooling. Toshiba can supply motors with special low noise level fans and/or acoustic covers.

    • Fans are cast iron or fabricated steel depending on frame size.


    • Pressure cast aluminium rotors with integrally cast bars, end rings and cooling fans, provide reliable operation.

    • Specially designed rotors give Toshiba motors advantageous torque characteristics and minimize losses.


    • The use of oversized bearings assures long life and quiet operation. Motors in frame sizes up to D132 have sealed bearings. Larger sizes have regreaseable bearings.


    • All fastenings are zinc passivated for resistance to corrosion.

    • Threads are metric.


    • Output shafts are fitted with water/dust excluders.


    • Stainless steel nameplate provides complete motor ratings including bearing sizes for quick reference.


    • Toshiba motors are Phenol Resin primed and finished with Polyurethane semi-gloss. Standard colour is Wood Smoke Grey. Customer specified colours and paint finishes available.


    • All motors are fitted with stud type terminal blocks with 6 (terminations) winding leads. Motors in frames D112 and below may be configured for 220V-240V Delta or 380V-415V Star operation, suitable for VVVF Drives. Motors in larger frames are suitable for Direct-on-line, Auto-transformer, Star-Delta, Soft Starter and VVF Drives with 380V-415V supplies.

    • Thermistors are fitted as standard on motors, frame D160 and above and can be fitted on smaller sizes if specified. Thermistor terminals are marked T1, T2.

    • An earthing terminal is provided inside the main terminal box, with an additional external earthing facility on all frames.

    • Toshiba motors can be supplied wound for voltages up to 1100 volts.


    • When ordering please nominate: kW, rpm, enclosure classification (IP rating), mountings type, e.g. foot, flange or foot and flange, horizontal or vertical, shaft (shaft direction up or down etc).

    • If in doubt about motor selection, please provide starting and application details.

    • Give details of any additional specification or requirements.


    • Motors 4 pole and slower are generally suitable for normal vee-belt drive. Motors of higher speeds are generally for direct coupling only. For confirmation of application suitability, please contact Toshiba.

    • 2 Pole motors with frames D315 and above have unidirectional fans, normally set for clockwise rotation when viewed from the drive end (CCW fans also available), therefore direction of rotation for these motors should be stated at time of enquiry.

    For more information about motors please contact with our company

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