Single Beam Scanning Spectrophotometer

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  • Description :

    Scan type spectrophotometer with wide wavelength range, satisfying requirement of various fields. Three options for spectral bandwidth selection: 5nm, 2nm, 1nm, made according to customer's need and satisfy the requirements of pharmacopoeia.

    Manual 4-cell holder accommodates long path length cells up to 100mm. Optimized optics and electronics design, light source and detectors from the world famous manufacturer ensure high performance and reliability.

    Rich measurement methods: wavelength scan, time scan, multi-wavelength determination, multi-order derivative determination, double-wavelength method and triple-wavelength method etc., meet different measurement requirement.

    Data output can be obtained via a printer port and a RS-232 interface (RS485 and USB port optional). Parameters and date can be saved for user's convenience. PC controlled measurement can be achieved for more accurate and flexible requirement.

    specification :

    • Wavelength Range: 190-1100nm
    • Spectral Bandwidth: 2nm(5nm, 1nm optional)
    • Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.5nm
    • Wavelength Reproducibility: 0.2nm
    • Photometric Accuracy: ±0.5%T(0-100%T), ±0.002A(0-0.5A), ±0.004A(0.5A-1A)
    • Photometric Reproducibility: 0.2%T
    • Working Mode: T, A(-0.33A), C, E
    • Photometric Range: -0.3-3A
    • Stray Light: ≤0.1%T(NaI, 220nm; NaNO2, 340nm)
    • Baseline Flatness: ±0.002A
    • Stability: ≤0.002A/h( at 500nm, after warming up)
    • Noise: ±0.001A (at 500nm, after warming up)
    • Display: 6 inches high light blue LCD
    • Detector: Silicon photo-diode
    • Power: AC:220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz, 140W
    • Dimensions: 530×410×210mm
    • Weight: 18kg

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