Organic analyzer / BOD

Description :

OnLine instrument for direct physical measurements and determination in UV of organics material level (COD, BOD, TOC), total suspended solids (TSS), and nitrates (N03). It controls and also detects undesirable substances (pesticides, aromatic hydrocarbons).

Fast reading & low maintenance system, IP54, water-resistant housing with fluids separated from electronics

1 to 4 programmable channels for samples, automatic cleaning & drift compensation, intelligent integrated dilution

Both qualitative and quantitative reading, UV Pro software interface

specification :

Dintok(Gmbh) designed a Compact Alarm System Called STAC dedicated for this survey.

Using an innovative and patented technology.

  • Estimates the Organic Matter(COD,BOD,TOC), the TSS level and measures the nitrate concentration.
  • Checks and detects undesirable substances (Pesticides, aromatic hydrocarbons.)


Most of macro pollutants and mainly Organic Matters, TSS and Nitrates absorb in a specific way in the UV light spectrum.

By measuring the sample absorbance in the specific area of the UV spectrum, the Smart records the spectral profile of the sample, a true numerical picture of the water quality.


  • Physical method with almost no consumable
  • Very fast reading (<5 minutes)
  • Easy and low maintenance
  • Both quantitative and qualitative reading
  • Build in separates enclosures with aqueous sample isolated from electronics
  • Fitting with most of tele-transmitable systems
  • Fully automatic


  • UV diode array spectrophotometer (204-323 nm) without any moving parts
  • Easy to maintain, 50 mm quartz cuvette
  • Pulsed deuterium source for a far UV high energy


  • Automatic and sequential sampling circuit rinsing and cuvette cleaning
  • Programmable automatic sampling from 5 to 30 minutes
  • Pinching valves Ø 8 mm for TSS reading without filtration

Date transfer

  • Current loops
  • RS 232
  • UV-Pro software for data storage and UV spectrum management


Correlation with Organic Matter:

  • COD: 0.2 to 8750 mg/L
  • BOD: 0.05 to 8750 mg/L
  • TOC: 0.1 to 7500 mg/L
  • TSS: 0.5 to 2500 mg/L

Nitrates measurement

  • NO3 : 0.1 to 1000 mg/L

Undesirable substances detection:


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