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Description :

The ST867P is a straightforward Ion Meter with the ability to measure Ion concentration using up to 5 calibration points.

Operation is extremely simple and can be mains or battery operated. Made entirely in the CANADA  the ST867P is compatible with the impressive range of combination and half-cell Ion Selective Electrodes available from Dintok  directION and represents incredible value for money compared to other Ion meters in the same class.

The ST867P Ion meter comes in a robust splash proof case and is designed to give results that are both accurate and reliable over a wide range of applications. Most laboratories measuring Ion concentration will also measure pH. The ST867P has the ability to operate as sophisticated pH meter with Automatic Temperature compensation (ATC) and automatic calibration.

The mV mode is ideal for Redox and titration applications and incremental ISE techniques such as Known and Sample Addition. Other functions include memory back up, temperature and slope inspection to check the condition of electrodes and standards.The RS232 interface allows direct printing of results or full external computer control.

The meter has a BNC connector which makes it compatible with most ISEs and pH electrodes. Dintok directION combination ISEs make analysis more straightforward as they do not require user maintenance and can be stored dry.

The Electrodes : 

The Standards :

specification :



Accuracy mV

±0.2% ±1 digit

Automatic pH calibration

4, 7 and 10 pH

Automatic Temperature Compensation



±400mV or ±2000mV

Concentration Display

0.001 to 1990 ±0.5%


12.7mm LCD

Karl Fischer


Manual calibration

Yes. Up to 5 Points in Concentration mode.

Range pH


Recorder Output


Resolution mV

0.1 or 1mV



Temp Resolution


Temperature Range

0 - 99.9°C



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