pour and cloud point tester

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  • Description :

    DPC-2020 Solidifying, pour, cloud & cold filter plugging point tester conforms to ASTM D97 standard. It is used to test the solidifying, pour, cloud and cold filter plugging point of petroleum products. Four functions includes in one machine

    specification :

    1.Professional refrigeration, import dual compressors cooling, cooling rate is fast and stable.   
    2.The instrument is made of stainless steel bath, anti-corrosion, two slots and four holes, can proceed four experiments within one machine.   
    3.Digital display temperature control, high precision, digital timer alarm, easy to adjust.   
    4.Using split structure, to avoid cold source compressor working vibration impacting the testing results.   
    5.Instrument got reasonable structure, beautiful shape, easy operation.  

    Technical parameters 
    Constant temperature bath

    Rated voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz
    Slot power 350W×2(700W)
    Slot holes Two slots and four holes
    Bath volume 5L
    Temperature control Digital display temperature control
     Temperature range  Room temperature ~ -68°C
     Temperature accuracy ± 0.1°C
    Temperature sensor  Pt100 (Platinum resistor)
    Timer  Two timer devices
    Mixing method Mixing motor, 1200r/min 
    Ambient requirement temperature: 15~30°C   Humidity≤85%

    Special cold source  
    Rated voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz
    Input power 800W
    Cooling time 100min (Room temperature≤30°C)
    Downtime duration  ≥20min
    Ambient temperature requirement 15~30°C   Humidity≤85%

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